Troy University’s Summer Spotlight welcomes teens for its final camp of the summer

Summer Spotlight is entering its final camp on Troy University’s campus this summer with an intensive for students above 14 years of age.

Unlike the younger age camps where students are taught how to perform the students attending this week are learning how to perfect their technique.

“We call it an intensive because it is difficult but it’s also just sort of a concentrated look at these crafts, these art forms of dance, theater, film, story telling, different things,” says Chair of Theatre and Dance Tori Averett. “So what they’re focusing in on are the elements in those crafts and in those art forms. So these are techniques, these are methods, these are tools and technology and how to approach these things.”

For the students who are attending Summer Spotlight this week they may be considering a possible career in the performing arts or a major in college while attending this week’s camp they will be focusing more on techniques and the elements of a performance that help bring it to life when they hit the stage.

“Usually what we see with the students who come this week the participants they are looking for ways to up their game,” says Averett. “They’re looking for ways to refine and clarify and focus or maybe they’re looking to get sort of a boost in the summer before they go back to school in the fall. So what that equates to is a highly focused, highly concentrated, sort of packed week of skills, techniques, technology, tools and doing it with like-minded peers who are also kind of raising the bar.”

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