Student’s music video enters international film festival

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Music inspires lots of people, but for film student Christian Bens, there was one song he couldn’t get out of his head.  

Bens is now a part of an elite group after his film was selected to be in an international film festival.

“I submitted a film called ‘Unsteady’ and it was a song that my friend showed me maybe about the time I was like 16 or so and just really kind of spoke to me,” said Bens said. “In car rides I just think about if I wanna make a video out of this.” 

Bens’ film was submitted to the Maryland International Film Festival

“For Christian, this was his swansong” said Bens’ professor Christopher Stagl. “He really brought it. Everything was there from the writing, the planning, the preproduction to the expertise of storytelling. You could tell his story was very personal and he was passionate about it.” 

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Creating the film was no easy task.  

“It was a lot of back-and-forth driving, I had to stage a lot of like things set up or setting and everything,” Bens explained. “It’s just a lot of re-getting the correct camera angles and looking back at stuff like that looks good or, no we need to redo this, especially don’t look at the camera.”  

Bens hopes his film is something his audience can relate to. 

“I really did go in the motion of wanting people to really feel this,” Bens told TrojanVision. “Maybe it was worth it to shed a tear or something.”

Watch Bens’ music video ‘Unsteady’ below: