TROY freshman Avery Padgett makes waves on bass fishing scene

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A member of TROY’s Bass Fishing Team is turning out to be quite the catch.

Avery Padgett is making waves, literally, on the nation’s bass fishing scene. His experience with the sport started when he was young.

“I kind of grew up with it,” Padgett explained. “Watching on TV and my grandparents have a pond, and I live within walking distance from them. Ever since I was able to throw a rod, I was down there at the pond.”

When choosing where to go to college, TROY stood out to Padgett.

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“My biggest thing was having support from the University because it’s hard traveling and not having backing. That was another factor in where I wanted to go.”

Since coming to TROY, Padgett has gained attention for his successes at various fishing competitions, from both local and national levels.

“They catch ’em everywhere they go. We’re fishing against your big Montevallo and Auburns, and they got 70 kids on their team. So, just to go out on our first tournament and qualify was a really big deal and really just helped us continue doing well throughout our season.”

Once he graduates, Padgett hopes to make a career out of fishing.

“The dream is to fish. Get out of college and fish the opens and hopefully make it. It’s definitely going to be difficult but it’s definitely the dream for sure.”

Avery Padgett

The team can be followed on Facebook at Troy University Bass Fishing, on Instagram at Troy Bass Team, and on the team’s website.