Trojan football player uses platform to help sports editor battling cancer

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The TROY community is banding together to help a local sports editor fight stage III colon cancer.

One of the main leaders of the effort is a familiar face to the Trojan football fans. Dell Pettus, a free safety for TROY’s football team, said he was inspired to act on Boutwell’s behalf.

“His story was first presented to us by coach Sumrall during fall camp,” Pettus explained. “It was a heart breaking situation. Anybody or anybody’s family that has gone through any sort of cancer knows how bad the struggle can be. Just seeing that happen to somebody that has always been supportive us, been there for us and fair to us it just touched my heart and it touched the team’s heart. Whenever the situation presented itself I jumped at it.”

Pettus told TrojanVision he is using his own platform to raise awareness.

“I’m able to do my part and provide and give back. I’ve been blessed to be in this situation where I have a little bit of recognition, especially in the city of Troy. If I can use that to help others get some soft of help it’s an honor honestly.”

Even If you can’t donate money, Pettus said there are still ways you can help.

“Reposting, telling people about it. Anything that is word of mouth or just spreading the word about it, that is a big help at the end of the day.”

In the meantime, Boutwell told TrojanVision he will forever be grateful to his community.

“Never would have expected it. No one owns me anything so just people wanting to people, people wanting to show us support it has just been incredible. Never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought something like that would happen and of course everybody else coming up to me telling me that their rooting for me, their supporting me it just means the world.”

Organizers hope to raise $10,000. Click here to donate.