Troy University offers scholarships as part of COVID vaccination incentive program.

With the start of a new school year and COVID-19 cases on the rise across the country, Troy University is introducing a program to encourage students to get vaccinated, one that could help pay for their education.

The new vaccination incentive program will offer fully vaccinated students a chance to win one of a number of scholarships throughout the fall semester.

Students who register for the program will be eligible to win one of fourteen $1,000 scholarships, 28 $100 dining cards or two full meal scholarships.

“Every week we will draw for two thousand-dollar scholarships, four hundred-dollar meal cards and we’ll do that for five weeks,” says Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services Sohail Agboatwala. “Then in the final week, which will be in October, we will draw for the final four thousand-dollar scholarships, the final eight meal cards and the two big meal plans.”

The registration for the program will open soon and the drawings will last over a month so that unvaccinated students can receive their full course of vaccinations.

Student Government Association President Maxwell George says that he hopes this program will encourage unvaccinated students to go ahead and get their shots before the program starts.

“In that time do get vaccinated because once it comes out you want to make sure you have both your vaccinations before all the raffling starts to happen,” says George. “Its super important to get vaccinated now so that once everything gets out and the details are set in stone you are ahead of the game, you got your vaccination.”

To register for a COVID vaccination at Troy University’s Student Health Center you can visit

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