Janet Nolan exhibit at Troy University’s International Art Center turns everyday items into art.

Old bottle caps, used can lids, and discarded umbrellas are scattered throughout the lobby of Troy University’s International Arts Center. However, there isn’t a need for a clean up. It is part of the latest exhibit on display in the IAC.

“Reimagining the Everyday” is an exhibit of artwork from Janet Nolan that turns everyday objects into sprawling works of art.

“She uses bottle caps, just different discarded objects, umbrellas, and with her work she celebrates recycling,” says IAC Curator Carrie Jaxon.

Nolan was a native Alabamian that moved to New York and took inspiration from her surroundings.

“She noticed that there were so many objects that we throw away so easily,” says Jaxon. “For example, umbrellas. On a rainy day in New York you see a lot of people selling really cheap umbrellas and they usually get thrown away after one use. So for her she wanted to take these objects and give them a new life.”

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