Alabama Jazz Collective performs first concert in Troy University’s Claudia Crosby Theater.

The Alabama Jazz Collective held their debut concert in Troy University‘s Claudia Crosby Theater on Tuesday night.

Members of the band were excited to be back in action after a year of playing without an audience.

“It felt great,” says Troy University Director of Jazz Studies Dave Camwell. “It’s what we’ve trained to do. It’s what we like to do and it’s what we haven’t been able to do for the last year and a half. So it was a really joyous experience to finally be back where we should be.”

The group formed during the COVID-19 lockdown which made it difficult to all come together and share their love of jazz music.

The collective only had two group rehearsals before this first performance together on the Troy University’s campus.

“We all know each other in the larger jazz community, regionally and nationally,” says Camwell. “So we knew of each other and it was a relatively easy thing to put the band together. We had one rehearsal in the summer and we had a second rehearsal today so this is our third time ever doing anything.”

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