New Omnilert app connects Troy University students directly to University Police.

Troy University Police have introduced a new app that puts the ability to connect directly to officers patrolling the campus in the palm of every student’s hands.

The new Omnilert app will allow Troy University students to be able to instantly contact any officers on duty through the push of a button.

“The Omnilert app is a new emergency app that we’re encouraging all the students to add onto their phone,” says Troy University Police Officer Rachel Farmer. “We do have emergency call stations located on each quad and in different places around campus. This is basically that on your phone. There is a button that you hit if you feel in danger it’ll instantly call and it’ll send us your location.”

However, the application does not just serve as an emergency pole at student’s fingertips but rather it holds multiple features that could benefit both the university and the general community.

“There’s also another feature on there which is a texting anonymous,” says Farmer. “If you feel uncomfortable and you’re walking and you can’t get on the phone to literally pick it up and say listen someone’s following me you can text it and keep walking and get to somewhere safe that way that text message will come through.”

The Omnilert app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For assistance setting up the app you can visit here.

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