Two new classes inducted into the Troy University Sports Hall of Fame.

Troy University‘s Sports Hall of Fame now has nine new members as Troy Athletics honored two new classes of inductees over the weekend.

The 2020 class was inducted alongside the 2021 class due to the ceremony being cancelled last year due to COVID.

The 2020 class consists of Barney Burnett for golf, Nancy Dansby Swanson for women’s tennis and basketball, Rachel Hassan Gravel for volleyball, Max Howell for football, Mark King for football and Jude Rinaldi for baseball.
The 2021 class is Leon Davis for men’s basketball, Collin McCrary for men’s golf and Andy Whitener for track and field.

“It’s such a nice honor to be recognized for something that occurred over 40 years ago,” says 2021 Inductee Andy Whitener.

“I just think about other people and so just seeing it up there is is certainly an honor and and something I’ll remember,” says 2020 Inductee Nancy Dansby Swanson “Being able to bring my grandkids down here and kids to see that that maybe I was something back in the day.”

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