Troy University’s Student Government Association holds ceremony to honor 9/11 victims on 20th anniversary.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks Troy University’s Student Government Association commemorated the victim of those attacks in ceremony reading the names of all of those who died that day.

“Today we’re putting on a ceremony to remember those lives that were lost in the attacks of 9/11,” says SGA President Maxwell George. “We’ll be reading the nearly 3,000 names that passed away on that day in a memorial and as kind of respect and honor to those people that did pass away that day.”

The SGA wants an event like this one to show servant leadership at Troy University and that everyone can do their part in remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11.

“It shows that we truly care and that we want to serve others and that we want to appreciate those that have paved the way for us to be here,” says George. “Most of us that are watching this, most of us are TROY now, we’re barely even old enough to know what went on this day and we’re here today because of the actions that followed, the leadership, the servant leadership, that followed past 9/11 to be able to secure our freedoms and to maintain our freedoms as a country.”

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