Troy University’s IDEA Bank wraps up Entrepreneurship Week with keynote address.

Troy University‘s IDEA Bank held their Entrepreneurship Week as a time to introduce TROY students to what the IDEA Bank has to offer student entrepreneurs and they wrapped up a week with an address from a young filmmaking entrepreneur.

Ty Rickard owns his own filmmaking business and gave student participating in Entrepreneurship Week advice on how to persevere in the business world.

“I tried to emphasize that entrepreneurship is such a long game,” says Rickard. “It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and get excited about short term success but to build a business that makes a genuine impact not only on the community but the world it takes sustained effort and hours and sacrifice.”

Rickard also appreciated the opportunity to return to a place that was important to his early days of entrepreneurship.

“I credit so much of my upbringing and the opportunities that I had with this region of Alabama,” says Rickard. ” Any way I can pour back into the community and give back to the people that gave me so much I’m so happy to do it so it meant a lot to come back to Troy and the greater area where I spent a lot of time trying to build my business.”

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