Art of the Story reception caps off day of Hall School 50th celebration.

Troy University wrapped up a day of celebrating the Hall School of Journalism‘s 50th anniversary by celebrating the work of student journalists.

The 50th anniversary kick-off celebration finished with a reception for the “Art of the Story” exhibit in the International Arts Center.

The exhibit was designed to highlight the creativity that journalists put into creating their work.

“Journalism itself, most people wouldn’t consider to be an art and that’s what this exhibit is about is showing people a different way to look at journalism,” says Student Publications Adviser Dr. Robbyn Taylor, who helped put together the exhibit. “So journalism is not music but all these pieces still need to weave together and be harmonious and it’s not a painting but it still has to engage people visually for them to get to the heart of a story.”

Tropolitan photo editor Kaylee Weatherford, whose work is on display in the exhibit, explains that capturing the raw emotion of her subjects is an art form.

“Just photojournalism itself, like capturing people’s emotions without posing them and catching them in the scene of them doing their everyday life, especially students here on campus, it’s an art because it just shows who Troy University is through their students.

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