New York photographer inspires Troy University students to create their own photographic art.

An exhibit in the International Arts Center featured the work of a New York-based photographer but it also featured work from TROY students inspired by the photographer’s pictures.

The exhibit “From 231 to Yangtze” was a display of photos from Hai Zhang as well as image captured by Troy University students based on Zheng’s imagery.

Zhang had been working remotely with TROY students throughout the semester to bring together the exhibit in the IAC.

“Frankly I am very, very honored working with the students it is part of a process,” says Zhang. “They force you to retrospect your own artwork.”

Zheng worked alongside Will Jacks, a Troy University art professor, to co-teach a photography class. He taught the class virtually where students focused on his portfolio which features pictures of rural China to see the different ways they could improve their work.

“My main takeaway from this is actually learning how to capture frames,” say Student Photographer Brandon Claiborne. “Basically don’t try to force an image. Let the image come to you.”

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