International Arts Center exhibit features the work of Troy University professor Will Jacks

Troy University‘s International Arts Center is now home to a new exhibit featuring artwork from Troy University art and photography professor Will Jacks.

The exhibit “Absolute Rest” focuses on non-traditional photography and how Jacks took a new approach to the medium.

“It is an exploration into photography and different ways to approach it,” says IAC Curator Carrie Jaxon. “He is a very talented traditional photographer but in this particular series he dives into examining a new way of presenting a different technique. The exhibit is considered photography but the content is not actually created through the use of a camera.”

Working with traditional analog techniques Jacks was able to explore this new medium and expose others interested in photography to it as well.

“They’re also made without cameras,” says Jacks. “Photography at its core is just writing with light and so this work is kind of a bridge between traditional print making, not just photographic printmaking but other forms of printmaking, and lens based photography and so I was very interested in exploring and kind of pushing the boundaries of what photography can be and is and has been traditionally assumed to be.”

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