Troy University students participate in annual Higher Education Day in Montgomery

Troy University‘s Student Government Association and Freshman Forum made their way up to Montgomery Thursday morning to rally for higher education.

Higher Education Day urges Alabama lawmakers to provide more state funding to Alabama’s 14 public universities.

“Our public universities are the largest economic contributor to the state of Alabama,” says Executive Director of the Alabama Higher Education Partnership Gordon Stone. “We have 180,000 students who choose to invest in our campuses so we want to make sure that those who are making policy, those who are making decisions about funding, really have a chance to talk to those students.”

Not only is Higher Ed Day a great way to network in the political arena it also brings a lot of other opportunities to student leaders.

“I think it’s very important for our leaders to come out here and show why it’s important, that TROY is a great school, why students should come to TROY,” says TROY SGA President Maxwell George. “While we would like more funding to be able to do great things at TROY so that we can have more opportunities to be able to grow and get more opportunities so we give back to the state of Alabama.”

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