Alabama Girls’ State makes a return to Troy University

This week Troy University is playing host to the Alabama Girls’ State program where over 300 rising high school senior girls will learn the ins and outs of Alabama government.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to participate in a mock government where they can run for positions and possibly discover their passion for a future career.

“So many people that have gone through this program did not realize the knack and the passion that they had for government until they had the opportunity to be part of this amazing program,” says 2021 Alabama Girls’ State Governor Julienne Pharrams. “And being able to see other girls that are like them and people that have gone through the program and that have excelled in life afterwards it just really lets them know that it’s something that they can do and something that’s attainable for them it’s unmatched.”

And a 1999 Girls’ State attendee did just that.

Katie Britt, who is currently running for Alabama U.S Senator, attended the program as a high school student and found her passion for Alabama government.

Britt was the keynote speaker of the opening ceremony for Girls’ State to inspire young women to take advantage of this week’s opportunities but she says the girls are an inspiration to her well.

“It inspires me what they’re doing,” says Britt. “I mean to see the next generation of leaders as I told them today they are not just the future they are the now and so to be able to speak with them and to be able to be in front of them means a great deal.”

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