Olympian Dara Torres visits Troy University for Girls’ State speech

Hight school girls from across Alabama gathered at Troy University to attend Girls’ State, a week-long seminar where they learn about government, but they also learned about the inspiring life of Olympian Dara Torres.

Torres had a long successful swimming career that earned her four gold Olympic medals. She competed in her first Olympics at the age of 17 and her last at the age of 41.

Due to her experiences, Torres was able to be a comfort to her young teammates.

“I realized that I really was able to help and give my knowledge of the previous Olympics I’ve been in and my experience and try to calm them down,” says Torres. “Because obviously going to an Olympic games is an unbelievable experience and very unnerving.”

Torres had no intention of competing in the 2008 Olympic games as she was a new mother however after getting back into swimming while pregnant she realized that she still had a love for competing at the Olympic level.

Torres looked to other parents for inspiration and decided that if they can do what they are passionate about so can she.

“It was very hard being away from my daughter,” says Torres. “Even when I would just go train you kind of have that guilty feeling when you leave your child but you also have to realize that everyone does that. All working parents have to leave their child and do what they need to do to survive and to work and also do what they love to do.”

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