Trojan Women’s Basketball team holds annual Little Dribblers Camp

The Troy University Women’s Basketball team was in action this week in Trojan Arena but they weren’t competing, they were teaching future basketball stars lessons on how to dominate the court.

This week it’s the kids turn to show who’s up next in the Little Dribblers Camp hosted by the Trojan Women’s Basketball team.

“We have plenty of kids learning the basics of basketball,” says Assistant Coach Chelsea Dungee. “Dribbling and how to make a layup and passing drills and we’re having a lot of fun while we’re at it.”

The campers range from pre-k to 7th grade and are separated into three groups based on age.

Campers participate in various drills to practice fundamentals as well as build chemistry with teammates.

“We’ve been focusing on a few things and today is championship talk and championship behavior,” says Dungee. “So cheering your teammates on, positive body language, positive words, showing kids how to be a great teammate.”

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