Troy University IMPACT Leaders prepare for summer orientation sessions

It is the time of year where upcoming college freshmen leave high school behind to embark on a new adventure.

However, the road to further education can be a daunting one but luckily the Troy University IMPACT leaders are there to help.

IMPACT leaders are TROY students from various backgrounds who guide upcoming students during orientation.

They are tasked with learning about various organizations and majors that TROY has to offer as well as learn fun facts about the campus itself.

“IMPACT leaders are important because they’re the first taste of TROY that these incoming freshmen get,” says IMPACT Director Jessie Cocking. “So we want their experience to be a positive experience and we want them to leave TROY ready to come back and start class in the fall.”

In addition to learning these leaders are also forming friendships.

“Honestly I didn’t really know many of my fellow IMPACT leaders super well before we started but when you’re together every day from eight to five you kind of form really close friendships,” sys IMPACT Leader Ally Price. “I’m so thankful for that we’re all such good friends and we’ve just gotten really close every these past two weeks.”

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