Incoming freshman learn more about Troy University through IMPACT departmental tours

IMPACT is Troy University‘s freshman orientation. Future TROY students are able to learn more about the campus and the lifestyle of a Trojan but one integral part of IMPACT are the academic department tours.

This year with IMPACT going back to its normal two-day sessions, future journalism and communication students got the chance to take a tour of the department as well as hear from some of the instructors that they will see often.

Emma Ellis, a sophomore IMPACT leader and journalism student says that she is grateful that the future students get an opportunity that she wasn’t able to have during her time as an IMPACT participant.

“I’m very grateful that these students get the opportunity to go on this departmental tour because going through last year during COVID times I didn’t get the opportunity to go on a department tour,” says Ellis. “Therefore I missed out on some of the things that I needed to know as a journalism student.”

Ellis also says being able to see how the instructors show their dedication towards the students also helps with the comfort of future students making that transition from high school to college.

“Just being able to hear them talk and interact with each other,” says Ellis. “Seeing the camaraderie that these professors have and the relationships they have with each other and how invested they truly are in the students is just so great to see especially as a journalism student because I know that these professors are pouring into me as well.”

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