Troy University ISCO presents “Alabama Night” to start the semester

Troy University’s International Student Cultural Organization gave both domestic and international students the opportunity to learn about the state they live in, Alabama.

For their first event of the semester ISCO decided to introduce these students to their new home.

“Tonight was our first event and of course it was Alabama night,” says former ISCO President Jackson Kiger. “The whole point of Alabama night is we wanted to start out smooth, start out simple, instead of jumping right into foreign cultures. For some of our students we wanted to give something a little more familiar. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce some of our international students to where they’re going to be living for the next however many semesters they are going to be here.”

ISCO provides a space for both domestic and international students to find a sense of community with one another.

“I really like what ISCO does by bringing together domestic students and international students together so we can all interact and learn and just make friendships,” says Troy University Freshman Mystic Wilkes.

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