Leaders reflect on Troy University’s final IMPACT orientation session of the summer

With IMPACT wrapping up, the last step for incoming Trojans is to join campus life in August.

IMPACT is a rite of passage for Troy University students but without IMPACT leaders these sessions would not happen. The last session is a time for the leaders to reflect on the summer orientation sessions.

“It’s been awesome,” says IMPACT Leader Ava Carnazza. “I’ve gotten to meet so many new incoming students and they’re really excited for TROY. So I love showing them the Trojan Way and how to experience college just so they’re like ready to adapt.”

“I did this just thinking I was gonna come in and just meet some students, help them find their way on campus,” says IMPACT Leader Mason Baker. “But I’ve made some memories with other leaders that are going to last me a lifetime.”

Not only is Carnazza an IMPACT leader she is also Troy University’s SGA president and says that these students have given her a lot of hope for the future of TROY.

“I actually just reported to the Board of Trustees that I’m really excited to see what they do for the next four years,” says Carnazza. “Just because they are so driven and they have so much potential and they’re all very eager to begin leadership roles to be successful in their academics. So I’m excited to see the next four years and how they can benefit Troy University.”

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