New International Arts Center exhibit has Troy University and Wiregrass ties

Troy University’s International Arts Center has a new exhibit on display that features the work of a Troy University graduate and her spouse with a Wiregrass connection.

The new “Selected Works” exhibit comes from a husband and wife duo Carolyn Pyfrom and Peter Van Dyke.

Pyfrom is a Troy University graduate as well as a native of Elba, Alabama.

Although Pyfrom and Van Dyke now live and teach in Philadelphia, the duo takes the time over the summer to connect with Pyfrom’s hometown.

The duo creates art that connects them to their homes in Philadelphia and Elba.

“What I think is so beautiful about the work in this show is that you do see these everyday spaces you know,” says IAC Director Carrie Jaxon. “Peter has a painting of a basement. Carolyn does beautiful still lives. There’s also landscapes you wouldn’t think that would be important enough to have a painting.”

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