Construction set to begin on Troy University’s new Health and Human Services building

What is currently an empty lot surrounded by construction fences will soon be a new state-of-the-art Health and Human Services building for Troy University.

It is a building that the dean of the College of Health and Human Services says will be a big addition to campus.

“So the new building has been a long time coming,” says Dean of the College of Health and Human Services Dr. Jay Garner. “I think it’s been at least two and a half, three years, in development. Throw in COVID and it’s been a very interesting piece. We’re very excited. We’re currently in Collegeview, which is the old Collegeview Elementary School, so some of the things that go with that are interesting. Our students and faculty are wonderful. They roll with the punches and our physical plant does a great job of keeping it up as best as possible but having that ability to have bright shiny new state-of-the-art is just so exciting and we can’t wait.”

That state of the art technology will help contribute to the education of the students in the college, especially those in nursing school.

“The first floor is going to focus primarily on nursing,” says Garner. “It’s going to be a nice lobby area for all students but the back piece is going to open up into a simulation space. So five to six simulation bays that will basically do exactly what they say. They’ll simulate opportunities so that our students and our faculty can do that. Then it will have right at 35 beds that’ll be very similar, 17 bays, to hospitals with normal hospital beds, interior will be just like it, nurse’s center, nurse’s office. So it’ll basically be a hospital. Perfect on the job training for nurses. The technology and health changes every day and that’s one of the things we’re most excited that we’re producing great nurses across the state, in the region, even in the country but getting them the best tools to train is just going to make that even better.”

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