Fall Trojan Day welcomes prospective students on Oct. 8

Troy University will holds it fall Trojan Day on Saturday. It is an opportunity for prospective students to learn about what TROY can offer.

Trojan Day is one of our favorite events in our office, it is a preview day for seniors and juniors.,” says Senior Director of Enrollment Services Korrie Lynn Williams. “You hear from Dr. Hawkins. You’ll get to hear from our admissions team. So kind of giving you your next steps. Where are you at on the road to applying? How do you get to be a student at Troy.”

And as part of the day’s activities students will get to tour the campus and learn about student organizations.

“You get to see our beautiful campus that’s really important to do,” says Williamson. “That is showcased by our students, our Trojan Ambassdors, give that tour.”

Williamson says that Saturday’s game day atmosphere is an added element to learning about a future college home.

“I encourage students to view a school or tour a school twice,” says Williamson. “At least once on an academic level just so they can see what is it gonna be in comparison to high school. How is it gonna compare? Are the classes similar? Are they big or small or do they feel comfortable? But secondly, I think in the South, we are football schools on Saturdays we want to know what are we doing on the weekend? So we really wanna give students both parts of that. We want to allow for them to see the academic side within that campus tour but also see the Troy Trojans beat Southern Miss within the football setting.”

To register visit: troy.edu/trojanday

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