Spring Trojan Day welcomes high schoolers to TROY

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Hundreds of potential students may now have a clearer understanding of what organizations they could join at Troy University thanks to Spring Trojan Day.

Saturday, representatives from TROY Admissions welcomed prospective students to learn more about college life at TROY.

Campus organizations, programs and students combined inside Trojan Arena. As students and their families browsed, they learned about TROY’s organizations, fraternities, sororities and academic programs. They also spoke with representatives from each group.

“Everybody was just really nice, and it was not super overwhelming,” said SK Marvin, a senior at Evangel Christian School from Alabaster, Alabama. “I’m not super panicked about what decision needs to be made. I am just really laid back and ready to figure out what I need to do to take the next step.”

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Throughout the browse sessions, guests received TROY merch, academic program pamphlets and met admission counselors.

“This event is really just exposing all that TROY can offer you holistically,” said Jake Brown, TROY’s Regional Admissions Counselor. “Just the fact that upcoming students can be part of a club, get involved and also learn from the academic professors and the deans how their curriculum can help students succeed is important. Also, internship opportunities are presented here as well.”

The spring session is geared toward students who are still trying to decide where to continue their education. However, the event was not limited to high school seniors. High school sophomores and juniors were also invited.

“Sometimes this is the only experience that students have touring campus before they attend as students,” said Abby Reed, a Trojan Ambassador who is a senior environmental science major and geographic information system minor from Talladega, Alabama. “This really makes a huge impression on students coming to TROY and deciding on their college search. It’s just a really big event because high schoolers and their families get to talk to a lot of people and it’s a really exciting time.”

Troy University boasts over 250 clubs and organizations that students can join.