“Drifting Into Darkness” author visits the Troy University Library to discuss his book

Troy University students got insight into the investigation of a Montgomery double murder case that made national headlines nearly 20 years ago.

The Troy University Library welcomed in author and investigative journalist Dr. Mark Pinsky to discuss his book “Drifting Into Darkness.”

The book follows a 2004 true crime double-murder case that took place in Montgomery, Alabama.

Pinsky has covered crime cases for over 40 years which includes several high-profile murder cases.

He has interviewed notorious killers like Jeffrey McDonald and Ted Bundy.

This is Pinsky’s seventh book which includes Pinsky’s findings throughout his time investigating this case.

“It’s about a young man, a troubled young man, but gifted who slowly went mad and ended up killing both his parents with an ax handle and a knife and a steak knife,” says Pinsky. “I think we’ve identified and kind of circled around a woman who was the intellectual author of this murder. A woman who claimed to be a Native American Shaman. Turns out she wasn’t either but she, I believe and I discuss in the book, manipulated Brent Springford, Jr. into killing his parents in her hopes of getting money from the family’s estate.”

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