Troy University Police offers “Ticket Amnesty” to help fill student food pantry

Troy University students had the chance to get some ticket relief by making donations to the food pantry.

It was part of the University Police Department’s Ticket Amnesty Day.

“The kids can bring twelve dollars worth of food we’ll take off a twenty-five dollar ticket,” says University Police Officer Rachel Farmer. “Just trying to meet half of their ticket value with food items to refill the food pantry so that our other students that are here that are having a hard time can go to the pantry and get things that they might need throughout their time here at Troy University.”

Even though students are getting something in return, University Police say they have been surprised by the generosity they have seen.

“Actually it’s been amazing,” says Farmer. “I think that we are up to 53 tickets that have been taken off and the food items have just been immense. We have people that have brought that don’t have tickets as well as we have people that are only getting one ticket taken off but they’re bringing more than the ticket value worth of food.”

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