Selma photographer Jerry Siegel works with TROY students to open new International Arts Center exhibit

Selma artist Jerry Seigel is preparing for his photography exhibit at the International Arts Center while also teaching students the best way to display art.

Aspiring artists learn about what goes on behind the scenes at an art exhibit as a part of the exhibition techniques class however the students had the unique opportunity to meet the artist and curator responsible for the International Arts Center’s next installment.

“Most people don’t get to meet the team that goes behind an exhibit and so it was just a unique opportunity for them to be able to listen to why certain images were chosen,” says IAC Director Carrie Jaxon.

The man behind the camera creates the art but the curator is the mastermind behind how it is seen.

According to the artist Jerry Siegel the curator finds the artist and organizes the show.

“I offer them things that I feel strongly about,” says Siegel. “I don’t just open up everything I’ve ever done. So if it’s work that’s here, it’s work that I feel strongly about but then they have a larger body to choose from. Their job is to tell their story with my work where the curator

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