TROY SGA holds final March Madness Food Truck Battle

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Typically, when you hear about March Madness you think about the basketball tournament.

This March, TROY’s Student Government Association (SGA) decided to hold a tournament with food.

“This event is called March Madness and what it is is a food truck competition between different food trucks,” said Chairman of City Relations Committee Derrick Nobles. “Tonight is the championship between the last food trucks that made it all the way from the first week of March to the last week.”

“The first night that we had this we had over 100 people show up, which was amazing because we have students come out and people from the city,” said Chief of Staff Brinson Hall. “We posted on our social medias and really just sent it out everywhere. I know we’re out here for three hours but we still have an amazing turnout and it’s fun people get to hang out with their friends and meet people that they haven’t ever met before.”

Getting the food trucks to Troy was little to no difficulty as the SGA and Troy Community planed the event together.

“Food trucks that we contacted were food trucks that originally came to Troy a while ago, either from at a football game, baseball game or at an event downtown,” Nobles explained.

“We decided that we wanted the city to be involved more with the students and we thought what better way than to bring food trucks out here and let the city kind of get a better feel for how students would react to different restaurants coming into town,” Hall told TrojanVision.

While the community and the students enjoy the food, SGA members got in on some of the food truck madness, too.