Trojan Outreach holds stress-reducing yoga class

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Wednesday night, students enjoyed a free yoga class courtesy of Trojan Outreach and the campus rec center to help reduce stress.

“Any physical exercise is a great way to alleviate physical stress and to release endorphins,” said fitness instructor Macy Sauls: “It’s science. And it overall just makes your physicality better, therefore making you less stressed.”

The end of the semester can bring challenges and yoga is a practice that can be used to balance the mind and the body.

“It was nice, it was a nice way to de-stress and just stretch,” said participant Erie Goss.

Event organizers say this event underscores Trojan Outreach’s overall goal of helping students.

“Trojan Outreach has a wealth of resources that we connect students with,” said Peer Educator Emily Hyman. “So our main goal is to give information. I got in this position because I wanted to make sure that students were able to get the help that they need and know that they’re not alone in their issues.”

“It’s given me the opportunity not only to help others but to kind of get better at my own practice and really implement practicing every week,” Sauls said. “It’s made me better physically and it feels really good to know that I’m helping other people reach their physical goals as well.”