TROY instructor covers group’s attempt to break world record at ‘Kyle Fair’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy Public Radio Operations Manager Kyle Gassiott recently traveled to Kyle, Texas to cover Kyle Fair for National Public Radio (NPR).

The fair, which took place in May, was an attempt to break a world record of having the most people with the same first name in the same place. Gassiott found himself in a crowd of nearly 1,500 Kyles.

“I’ve never been in a group of people that large that have my name,” Gassiott told TrojanVision. “Usually there’s one or two Kyles around but this was the first time I’d been someplace where people were screaming ‘Kyle, Kyle.’ Your head was spinning around the entire time.”

Although they were about 850 Kyles short of breaking the record, Gassiott says Kyles recover quickly. Some of them took their disappointment out by recreating the internet meme where Kyles punch drywall and drink energy drinks.

“I’ve never done either of those things in my life before but when you get there, to Kyle Fair, there was a booth set up where people could pay five dollars and pound drywall,” Gassiott explained. “Whenever the goal didn’t get met, some guys just said ‘well I’m gonna go pound some drywall’.”

Young and old, male and female, even the fair’s performers were named Kyle. Gassiott said he enjoyed working on a story that brought people together.

“This reminded me of a lot of stories that I’ve done that I think are specific to public radio where it’s just kind of a quirky fun story that you go out and and you bring people a slice of life.”

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