Troy University police chief talks campus safety, responsibilities

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students, faculty, and staff may see Troy University police cars all over campus during the semester, but what do university police actually do?

According to Troy University Police Department (TUPD) Chief George Beaudry, his officers’ main goal is to keep the campus safe.

“Our primary location of responsibility, as it pertains to law enforcement, is on campus,” Beaudry explained. “That’s where we focus our time. Keep our faculty, staff, students, facilities safe and crime-free.”

The University’s police department not only focuses on crime, but also non-criminal offenses on campus.

“We also have a mission of rules enforcement,” Beaudry told TrojanVision. “Safety and security, parking enforcement, things of that nature. We have non-certified employees who handle most of our parking citations and things of that nature. They are police department employees. They’re, in essence, security guards.”

In addition to dealing with concerning situations on campus, there are also times when TUPD works with the city of Troy’s police department to resolve an issue that may go beyond TROY’s campus.

“The Troy Police Department and the Troy University Police Department we work side-by-side on a regular basis,” Beaudry said. “Oftentimes the criminals that are causing problems on campus are causing these same problems off campus, so when an investigation happens for either one of us, we automatically start talking.”

According to Beaudry, TUPD’s other primary goal is to earn and maintain a good relationship with TROY’s student body.

“Without our students we wouldn’t be here,” Beaudry said. “There’d be no need for us. As important as it is for us to enforce law and enforce rule, it is just as important to have relationships, good relationships, positive relationships, with our students.”

To contact TUPD, call (334) 670-3215. You can also contact Chief Beaudry directly at (334) 372-3238.