Parents discuss student safety during IMPACT brunch

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The transition period between high school and college can be a tough time for parents who worry about their children’s safety while attending college.

TROY works to ease parents’ minds by letting them speak with members of Troy University’s Police Department (TUPD) during IMPACT‘s parents’ brunch.

Parents want to ensure their child will be safe when away from home. One way TUPD tries to meet that expectation is by making sure every car on campus has a parking decal.

“A lot of people complain about having to purchase it but that’s our first step in being assured that our campus is safe,” Farmer explained. “We as officers drive through the parking lots and look for the decals. If there’s not a decal on a car, we instantly look into it to see who is this person why are they on our campus.”

Parent Mesha Belser says she trusts TROY’s safety measures. She told TrojanVision she is not worried about sending her daughter to campus in the fall.

“They always have police on campus,” Belser said. “There’s several of them. They provide their personal phone numbers so you can email them, call them or text them. A lot of universities, they don’t disclose that information to the students and the parents.”

After attending brunch, Belser said she is positive her daughter made the right decision by choosing to study at TROY.

“I feel like every question I had was pretty much answered,” Belser explained. “They provided information at the end that was very beneficial and the information was exceptional. I’m definitely not concerned about her safety and that’s the primary goal with attending a school or university.”

Parents’ brunch will be held on day two of every IMPACT session.