TUPD offers home safety tips for vacationers

TROY, Ala (TROJANVISION) — The Troy University Police Department (TUPD) has a few tips to keep both you and your home safe if you plan on vacationing this summer.

TUPD Chief George Beaudry says people going out of town need to be mindful about keeping their homes safe.

“If you have a neighbor that you trust or a family member, you’ll have them come through and turn lights on and turn lights off,” Beaudry said. “Make some changes in your house. Now with the smart home, if you have that technology, utilize it. Set lights up to where they cycle at different times.”

Beaudry also suggests making sure doors are locked, having a friend or neighbor check your mail, and waiting to post on social media until you get home.

“Take all those pictures while you’re there and then lay out a a five-day plan. This is what we did, day one, this is what we did day two. Share what you want to share afterwards. Don’t share it while you’re gone.”

Another piece of advice from Beaudry is to be aware of your surroundings wherever you go, especially when alcohol is involved.

“Don’t ever walk away from a drink,” Beaudry explained. “Don’t ever leave a drink unattended. Don’t ever take a drink from a stranger. When we’re vacationing in these nice touristy places there are people actively seeking victims and you don’t want to be one.”