Parents learn more about TROY during IMPACT browse session

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As Troy University prepares to welcome freshman Trojans this fall, that doesn’t mean the parents are out of the loop.

During TROY’s IMPACT Student Orientation, parents participated in their own browse session in order to get to know about TROY and what it means to be part of the Trojan family.

“The parent sessions were so informative,” said TROY alumna and parent Felicity Rovinette. “All of my questions were answered. The information was well-presented and I feel very comfortable sending my child to school here.”

Troy University prides itself on ensuring parents about their child’s success and well-being during such a crucial time in their lives. Organizers also shared share how important it is for students to become fully immersed in the Trojan community.

“We understand that they’re coming to college for academics first but we think that having those people in their life through different organizations, whether that be student organizations, honor societies, we feel like they’re going to be able to be more successful because they have a group of people around them that are going to be encouraging and uplifting,” said Korrie Lynn Williamson, Senior Director for Enrollment Services.

Organizers say they hope the session alleviated parents’ concerns and showed the University’s commitment to the well-being and academic success of incoming students.

“Students, when they come to TROY, they are looked at as adults but they typically have people in their life, parents, guardians, grandparents, whatever it may be, and they’re going to help them along the way,” Williamson explained. “We really want to make sure they’re informed. We really believe that there’s a family atmosphere so informing our parents, as well as our students, is really important to us.”

To learn more about parental resources at Troy University, visit TROY’s Parents & Families webpage.