TikTok’s Princess Parimala performs exclusive recital in Troy

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — TikTok sensation and dance lover Princess Parimala was in Troy where she gave an exclusive recital for local dance students.

Parimala visited the Patti Rutland Jazz Studio to participate in a dance recital. Parimala has a rare genetic disorder that results in her being 24 pounds at the age of 14. After a negative experience at a dance program in Upstate New York, the owner of Patti Rutland Jazz Studio, Patti Rutland Simpson, decided to give Parimala a positive experience to remember.

“I knew that she loved dance and I knew she loved costumes and we decided to give her a recital,” Simpson said. “She danced and performed.”

Parimala’s mother, Dawn Cosgrove, told TrojanVision that Parimala’s former dance instructor physically removed and restrained Parimala on the floor. Cosgrove says that’s why it was so important that Parimala and her family have a better memory to think about.

“That’s what it’s been about is trying to give new memories over the old memories just to make her have a better life. Just to make her know that she is loved and that there’s good people in this world and that there’s no more hurt, that she’s safe.”

Cosgrove also said she and her husband were blown away by the acceptance and love that Simpson and the dance students showed.

“There were so many presents, costumes, and a team dance jacket,” Cosgrove said. “The acceptance that all the kids have shown here and the love…I can’t even say how blessed we are.”