Chi Alpha hosts ‘Welcome to America’ event for international students

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — TROY’s campus strives to be a melting pot for people and cultures from around the world.

Friday night, Chi Alpha hosted its Welcome to America event for Troy University’s international students.

“As a campus ministry we do want students to learn about Jesus and grow in their relationship,” said Chi Alpha member Elijah Moultry. “We want to provide a place where even international students coming from all over the world can can experience real Christian community and learn more about Jesus and be connected with other Christians.”

The event aimed to connect students studying abroad from other countries to American culture. Some students are already seeing differences between their cultures and American culture.

“People here are so much friendly, like American and there is lots of international students so I feel like new home here,” said international student Joy Hossain.

Chi Alpha came up with a delicious way to introduce the new students to American cuisine by serving classic American foods like fried chicken. As everyone feasted, students were able to play improvisation games, win prizes, and were introduced to common religious practices.

“It’s truly beautiful to see and it’s one of those things that like when I think about it I think maybe this is what God’s Kingdom looks like,” Moultry explained. “All the the races and all the genders and everybody together, loving one another.”

Overall the night was one way TROY students from near and far learned to find common ground.

“I wish you very best of luck to your journey and also try and wish me please also best of luck,” Hossain said.

Over 60 countries are represented on TROY’s campus. To learn more about TROY’s international programs, click here.