Chi Omega raises money for Make-A-Wish Foundation

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — If you have been around campus this week you may have noticed that Chi Omega is hard at work raising money for their philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation is an organization that grants wishes to children ages two to 18 that have critical illnesses and gives them a wide variety of things that they can choose,” explained Make-A-Wish Chi Omega Chair Avery Doucette.
Last spring, Chi Omega raised nearly $19,000 for Make-A-Wish. This semester their goal is to raise $20,000.

“The money that we raise we give it to Make-A-Wish Alabama and then they find us a kid around the Troy area, Montgomery area to allow them to come to our house for us to throw them a Wish Party party,” Doucette said.

Wish Parties act as a send-off for a child who has had their wish granted.

“At our last Wish Party, it was so funny, we had toys and stuff for the little kid to play with but he played with colorful cups the whole entire time,” said Chi Omega sister Corinne Twiggs. “It was just so funny because we all joined in and we were playing with him and he just was using all the small things to enjoy it.”

One Chi Omega member even got to witness a little boy’s dreams come true in her hometown.

“The little boy that I know he is six years old now but he was born about two months early, premature,” said Chi Omega sister Marielana Cappadoro. “I hate to say it this way but they really didn’t know how long he was gonna live. I believe he’s had 24 surgeries open heart surgeries and he’s doing so good now. He got to go kick off an Alabama game and I think he went to Disney. I think it’s just really cool that they’re able to do that.”

To learn more about Make-A-Wish, click here.