Students make new friends at ISCO Game Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) —The International Student Cultural Organization held its first event of the new school year: a game night.

“This is really important because this is how the ISCO leaders and the new potential members get to know each other,” said ISCO executive Dylan Park. “This is how new members get to find out about ISCO and potentially get involved with us for the rest of the semester.”

Students came together to play games, have snacks, and make new connections.

“You get to meet so many new people from new countries and you get to make a lot of new connections and new friendships. It’s just a really great way of connecting with each other,” Park continued. “ISCO’s mission is to bring international students and domestic students together and, personally, I think it’s really important because it’s hard to meet international students in your everyday life.”

As a social club, it is important for ISCO to hold such events as this to help bring international and domestic students together. They have many more events planned.

“We might have more events like karaoke night and scavenger hunts. We always have a lot of country nights each semester and we have the big festival coming up this November. It’s the biggest event of ISCO each year and we’re hoping for a big turnout.”