Trojan Pantry spreads awareness during Snacks on the Quad

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As students transitioned from one class to the next, they got a sneak peek at what TROY’s Trojan Pantry and the Office of Civic Engagement have to offer.

The two organizations surprised students who were walking to class with Snacks on the Quad.

The groups offered a variety of snacks to choose from including crackers, cookies, and fruit cups.

“We are really into bringing the students and the community resources to help [with] basic needs and other types of resources that will help us grow so that we can even further help the community,” said sophomore Jayden McQueen. “We are trying to get basic needs to students such as food products, household products and also hygiene products to students.”

Students can schedule an appointment with Trojan Pantry here.