Fighting food insecurity with the Trojan Pantry

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Trojan Pantry is a resource that provides food for students, some people may not realize there’s another location where they can go.

“The pantry that we have here in Hawkins Hall is for any students,” said Maria Frigge, Dean of International Student Services. “A lot of our international students use the social room, which is where we have the pantry, so it ends up being a lot of international students that use it.”

The International Student Pantry is a complement to the Trojan Pantry in Trojan Village. Both pantries work together to help students in need.

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“If we end up with a lot of things that they use in the main food pantry, we exchange it for things that we need here,” Frigge explained. “It’s a great collaboration, and we always try to make sure the students understand they can always go to the main food pantry.”

Unlike the main Trojan Pantry, the International Student Pantry doesn’t get weekly donations from a food bank. This can sometimes make it hard to provide diverse food options for students.

“We get our donations mainly from organizations and from faculty on campus, so that’s kind of what we rely on,” Frigge told TrojanVision.

The Trojan Pantry operates on donations, so the options students can pick from depends on what people bring in.

Students can make donations by stopping by the International Student Pantry or emailing organizers such as Frigge. Organizers require students to talk to them before bringing items in. That way, they can donate items that students will actually use.

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“We try to be more intentional when we ask students,” Frigge said. “If students want to donate, that would be great. We take anything, but for it to be beneficial for anybody that uses the food pantry, it’s great if we can do a collaboration.”

Most importantly, the pantry wants to reach as many people as possible.

“The more students we can help, the better it is for us,” said Frigge.

The International Student Pantry is in Hawkins Hall room 036. It is open every day of the week and sometimes on weekends. To donate, emailing organizers or visit their website.