Trojan Outreach hands out bedside bags to students

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Trojan Outreach is helping students take control of their sexual health.

The month of February is Trojan Outreach’s Sexual Health Month.

“We have our Resources and Refreshments event, where we just provide you with health resources,” Janiah Anderson, a peer educator for Trojan Outreach, said. “The week after that, we have our Reproductive Health: Myth or Fact questionnaire to see what you know. Next week, we have our Healthy Relationships presentation.”

Back in 2017, finance website Insider Monkey ranked TROY as the college with the third highest STD rates in America. Peer educators say that’s why they continue to raise awareness about students’ sexual health.

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“With college students, we tend to get a little wild sometimes,” Anderson said. “Just knowing and being able to protect yourself is very important.”

To help prevent the spread of STD’s, Trojan outreach is providing bedside bags for all students. The bags contain items that help students practice good sexual health.

“It has just your basic bedside needs, such as condoms, lubricants, and dental dams,” said Anderson.

Trojan Outreach has posted additional sexual health information on its social media pages. To keep up with future events, follow them on Instagram @trojan_outreach.