Trojan Outreach offers tips to improve self-esteem

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In January, Troy University’s Trojan Outreach helped students think more positively about themselves.

Trojan Outreach spread awareness about the importance of self-esteem to college students.

“We’re talking about building self-esteem and having high confidence and you can do this through a lot of different tactics that we’re talking about on our social media pages, and doing events in the Trojan Center,” said Danielle Wormsby, a Trojan Outreach Peer Educator.

Wormsby said it’s important to know yourself in order to interact with others in a positive way.

“One of my favorite concepts is the self concept and that is how you perceive yourself in the beliefs that make you who you are,” Wormsby said. “If those beliefs are negative, then you’re not really interacting with the world as greatly and efficiently as you might want to, so having positive self talk and positive affirmations about yourself is important.”

As students get further into the semester, they might start to have some self-doubt or not have enough energy to reassure themselves regularly.

“Things happen and moods slip, so if you’re feeling low on energy, of course, you can always check out the student counseling center,” Wormsby encouraged. “It is free to any student that’s enrolled in at least one credit hour.”

“Just do something that you love, get out there, explore. This campus is full of opportunities for clubs and organizations you can join,” Wormsby added. “Sometimes, just being around other people can be helpful for your own mental health.”

In February, Trojan Outreach plans to raise awareness about sexual health and safety. Peer educators will be passing out bedside bags that will contain condoms, lubricant, and other items that will advise students to practice safe sex.

For any students that are interested in learning about what other resources Trojan Outreach has to offer, it is encouraged to call their phone number at (334) 808-6806 or email them at