TROY students explain what international peace means to them

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — International Day of Peace celebrates peace across nations.

Peace means many different things to different people.

“There’s so much that divides us, maybe physical boundaries, oceans, religion, different points of view, different lifestyles and cultures,” said Carrie Jaxon, Director of the International Arts Center. “International peace is where we can find common ground and where we can see what we want for the future. Peace is that comfort spot where we can all find a connection.”

For some, it means togetherness among people.

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“International peace to me is just peace amongst everyone together,” said student Matthew Dennis. “Troy University has done a great job at that. They did a great job of bringing together people of international communities. Doesn’t get much more international than Troy, especially in this little town of Alabama.”

Isabella Chircop, another student, said, “To me, it means equality throughout the globe and coming together to solve international issues instead of blaming it on each other. To just form some kind of bond to conquer it all.”

“International peace is where everyone from different backgrounds can live in the world together with no judgment,” said student Riley Green.

For others, peace means overcoming differences.

Student Jewel Hill said, “International peace, to me, means a state of mind of calmness without all the arguments and all of that that’s going on in our country today and all around the world with all the differences. It’s just people getting along.”

“Countries working together towards a common goal without fighting about random stuff,” said student Chris Ball. Peace is “the members of a nation not showing prejudice against one another just from being in another country.”

The International Day of Peace was created in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Click here to learn more.