Students hold International Day of Peace March

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Thursday, the International Arts Center (IAC) and International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) held their annual Peace March in honor of International Day of Peace.

International Day of Peace is a day established by the United Nations for people to take part in acts of peace.

“International Day of Peace is set by the United Nations people do all kinds of activities to observe the goal of peace particularly as it has to do with national relations,” said ISCO Faculty Advisor Jay Valentine.

The idea of of the Peace March came about several years ago. Today the IAC and ISCO work together to foster peace in the community.

“Troy markets itself on being globally competitive,” said ISCO President Brianna Moore “We also want to represent that side of you know having peace with everyone around us. That is kind of what ISCO represents as well as a social club you know in order to be globally competitive you always have to make friends along the way.”

During the march, students carried flags from different countries to demonstrate a sense of unity.

“These flags that we carried for the Peace March are representatives of the students that are here on campus and them coming together through this march showing a unity of all countries not just on this campus but across the world,” Moore said.

With Troy University known as Alabama’s International University, organizers hope the Peace March demonstrates the University’s commitment to world peace.

“It’s an event where we really do focus on the multi-national-ness of our university and have people come together,” Valentine said.

This years theme was “Actions for peace: Our ambition for the #GlobalGoals.” Valentine says the march is a great example of that theme.

“If word peace is something that is in our future its going to be through lots of efforts. It’s drawing attention to the efforts side of peace.”

To learn more about the United Nations or International Day of Peace, click here.