Why AI might not be as beneficial as you think

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As the world learns more about artificial intelligence (AI), a TROY professor says it’s important to understand the potential impact it has on education.

Dr. Richard Nokes, an English professor, says he is keeping an eye on the developing technology. According to Nokes, the AI offers some benefits but it is currently limited by the generic nature of its responses.

“It can be a useful tool for some purposes but anything you’re doing academically, if you’re using AI for it, you’re immediately guaranteeing you’re saying the most basic, dumb dumb, front page of Google stuff rather than saying something smart or interesting.”

Nokes does not view AI as a useful tool for academic purposes as the technology does most of the work for you.

“It’s not a quality result. It’s actually not really thinking things through or really learning things. In fact, especially for writing, it’s trying to find the kind of thing that would be written about this. Because of that, what AI tends to do is to find the most basic, the most mid level of anything.”

It is important to also note that many Troy University professors and instructors have included AI policies in their syllabi. Additionally, many classes prohibit the use of AI.