TUPD encourages safe Homecoming during Coffee with a Cop

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Wednesday morning students started their day with coffee, muffins, and cops.

The unique blend was thanks to this year’s Coffee with a Cop event that was hosted by the Troy University Police Department (TUPD).

“The goal is just to have some public relations with the students and for the students to come and meet the cops here,” said TUPD Officer Tatytana Lee.

Coffee with a Cop aims to bridge the gap between police officers and the communities they serve. This year’s event also served as an opportunity for TUPD to remind students to enjoy Homecoming Week safely.

“We’re hoping that the students will be safe and not drink and drive,” Lee said.

TUPD officers also partnered with Trojan Outreach to teach students what to do in case they become a bystander to drunk driving or other dangerous situations.

“Just want the students to be safe and also have fun this Saturday for their game,” Lee told TrojanVision.

To report suspicious behavior, visit TUPD’s website.