Students make ice cream, Ooblec during Game Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) – Women in STEM and the International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) are trying to prove science can be fun.

Thursday night, the two groups hosted an event where students could participate in hands-on science experiments.

“We made a really fun ice cream bar where everyone got to make their own ice cream in little baggies and shake it really fast,” said Women in STEM President Kaelynn Gwynne. “Then we played a great Kahoot that had STEM themes, geography, and we had a couple of winners. It was so much fun! We also made Ooblec.”

This event not only gave students the opportunity to not only learn, but also socialize and build connections.

“A lot of what Troy University offers is the fact that it’s like a family,” Gwynne said. ” “I think that it really makes a community, it makes a network, people get to make friends, trust one another, and come in and just have a really great time with people who they would have never met otherwise.”

Haley Morgan, ISCO executive member said, “It’s community building and you get to see people who you don’t usually see, maybe even become life-long friends with them.”

Gwynne said that it’s important to continue learning, especially in fun ways.

“I think it’s super important to just make science fun, learnable, and apply it to hands-on things that people do every day. It’s all around us, even just the science of cooking or breathing. So many things are science, and a lot of people make it out like it’s something really difficult or hard when, in the long run, if you just put your mind to it and learn it, it’s not too bad.”