Local reporter battles stage III colon cancer

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A well-known reporter for the Troy Messenger is fighting for his life against stage III colon cancer.

Sports editor Josh Boutwell is used to telling compelling stories about local athletes. He never imagined he would become a story himself.

“I was having a lot of stomach issues, pains, heartburn,” Boutwell said. “They found stomach ulcers but nothing ever got better. They said we need to do a colonoscopy and try to figure out was going on. The doctor was pretty up front. He found a tumor the very next day. He said it was cancer.”

After being diagnosed, Boutwell began treatment.

“Do radiation every morning. I probably missed more time of work and these last few months then I ever have.”

One of the main goals is to stop the cancer’s spread.

“The cancer cells have spread into my lymph nodes but it has not spread to another organ, another part of the body yet.”

A fundraiser has been created to help Boutwell pay for his medical expenses. You can find that fundraiser here.